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A quick little rant, posted by Derek

If you don’t know how to use the words, don’t use them. People are not impressed when you use words with 3 syllables simply to use big words. This is doubly true when you use it *wrong.* Don’t use query when you mean question. It just calls out that you want to sound smart. And learn the difference between similar words – constrained <> constricted, for instance. And awkward sentence construction doesn’t sound educated – it sounds like you don’t know how to construct a sentence.

An (edited) bit of the source material that annoys me so today, a question about our “1 year in position before transfer” policy:

“my question is in relevance to the expansion [we] plan to achieve within the next coule of years”….”I would hate to lose an opportunity because I am more constrited than another applicant”….”So I guess my query is this … chance for anyone already hired less than one year….”

I can’t even blame it on someone with english as a second langauge, because, seriously, this is Wisconsin.  We have maybe 10 people in the whole company that speak languages other than english or western european languages (german, etc) at all, much less as a primary language.  And most of those people are programmers who work in Chicago, and don’t follow the 1 year policy.

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