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#amazonfail?, posted by Michael Trice

Just to show this won’t all be about RPGs, I have to admit that the #amazonfail fiasco fascinates me. The company’s failed response. The maelstrom of twitter and blog activity–I had all but forgotten that LiveJournal still existed. The possible mainstreaming of bantown as a concept and term. And a beautifully reductive shattering of our trust in search engines due to limitations, controls, and susceptibilities we too often forget.

For those unaware, Amazon delisted a load of gay-themed books this weekend (and possibly before) from their sales rankings, effectively making these books non-existent to many buyers and reviewers. Maybe it was a glitch and maybe it was a hack and maybe it was a policy of distilled epic fail? The speculation is as deafening as Amazon’s silence.

Just a completely wild scene, but I’m glad it brought my attention to the idea of hackers using flag technology to incite active, marginalized groups against corporations for the hell of it. Nice to know about that.