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Comics are dumb, posted by Derek

I know, we’re geeks, we like comics.

But man, reading about them just makes me feel bad.  I ended up on Wikipedia today, looking for Mr. Mxyzptlk information, and ended up reading the summary.  And it’s awful.  So much bizarreness.  My favorite lines follow:

He is killed when Superman sends him to the Phantom Zone at the same time that Mr. Mxyzptlk begins an escape to the Fifth dimension, tearing him in two. Remorse over the killing prompts Superman to drain himself of his powers with gold kryptonite.

The incident features alternate universe versions of Superman, Batman, and Deathstroke and implies much chaos that was not shown, such as the planet Mogo visiting Earth to reclaim an old land mass.  (We’ll get to Mogo in a minute).

During Grant Morrison’s Justice League run, the higher-dimensional nature of Mxyzptlk’s fellow genies was played to its logical conclusion of possessing power ‘two degrees of infinity’ higher than any normal beings; Qwsp refers to himself as encompassing both time and hypertime in addition to our spatial dimensions

Batman asks his 5th Dimension counterpart Bat-Mite if he is really an imp from the 5th Dimension or just a figment of his imagination, to which Bat-Mite responds that the two are one and the same.

It was explained in the Silver Age Superman comics that the reason that Mr. Mxyzptlk could affect Superman is because Superman is susceptible to magic.   (Because no one else ever thought to try that).

And now, let’s look at Mogo.

A sentient planet.

Who is also a Green Lantern.  Mogo is a sentient or “living” planet, technically genderless but often casually referred to as male. When it is desired, its affiliation with the Corps is marked with foliage arranged into a green band, marked with the standard Green Lantern Corps lantern symbol, circling Mogo’s equatorial area.

Bolphunga the Unrelenting was one of Mogo’s first direct adversaries

In Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 (1986), a prophecy narrated to Abin Sur suggests that Mogo will be the last Green Lantern. In a battle with the “Empire of Tears”, Ranx the Sentient City will explode a blink-bomb within Mogo’s core, killing the sentient planet and ending the Green Lantern Corps forever.  (I can’t even parse that sentence without a face palm).