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Hall of Fame Weekend II, posted by Michael Trice

lognhornI’m not a big baseball fan, but after last weekend’s once-in-a-lifetime NCAA Austin Regional, I had to buy tickets to the Super Regional. 

For those who don’t know, last Saturday the University of Texas and Boston College played the longest baseball game in NCAA history, 25-innings and over seven hours. Austin Woods provided the real drama, however, picthing 13 innings of no-hitter ball. The President of Vince Young University called Woods’ overture the single greatest athletic performance in school history. We’re really hoping Woods can replace Roger Clemens as the greatest picther Texas has ever produced. Seriously, I need a voodoo doll for this purpose.

Better, on Sunday, a worn out UT team entered the bottom of the 9th-inning down 10-6 to Army in the Regional Championship game. The longhorns rallied to first tie Army 10-10, and then won the game on a walk-off grand slam that left the score 14-10 in favor of Texas. Monday, it was announced that Woods’ cap would be going into the Baseball Hall of Fame in honor of the 25-inning victory.

So my son and I are heading to game 2 of the Super Regional between Texas and TCU to see who goes to Omaha. We expect a good game, but it couldn’t possibly approach the drama of last weekend? I mean that would be greedy, right? Like VY stealing two Rose Bowls greedy.

Here’s a little bit from the historic game.

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