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*Sigh*, posted by Derek

I work hard to prove to people that geeks are just folks with different ideas of fun.  I make sure to temper any geekery with the awareness that there are non-geeks around, and include them in conversations.  I try not to use words with more than 3 syllables in every day conversation (unless I’m trying to remind people that I am, in fact, fairly competent and bright).  I do a fairly good job.  Heck, people at my work don’t think I’m the geekiest guy on the floor (that honor is reserved for our resident WoW pimp, who has asked *everyone* on the floor to play).

So it is with great anger that I find things like this:

Hot Chicks, the RPG.  It’s full of computer generated boobs and babes, apparently.  And its mere existence makes my life about 7.43% more difficult.

I live in Wisconsin.  It’s a bit different out here – they still talk about Star Trek like the only people that watch it are basement dwelling 30 year olds. When they mention video games, they do the hyuk-hyuk laugh.  But generally, it’s not bad.  Cause they’ve never seen Hot Chicks.

Of course, when I first moved here, I was reminded of something.  The guys on this blog (I don’t really know the girl) are, for the most part, cool guys.  Socially adjusted to some degree or another, cool with who they are, able to live a normal life.  So I’ve kind of forgotten what’s out there in geek land.  When I moved to WI, my wife and family didn’t come.  So I set out to find like minded folks to kill two months with.  I hit and found RPG groups, and board gamers.  I found a weekly gaming party, and started going.  And I found, very quickly, that the board gamers were far more like me, even though I’d rather be playing RPGs.  Out here, the geeks are still isolated, and segregated.  They talk about the “norms” the “mundanes” or the “straights.”  They wear their geekiness as a badge, because it unites them. Most of them work minimum wage jobs in a factory, or a furniture store, or retail.
And it’s weird.  Because I don’t consider those “my people” any more.  And I wonder if they ever were.  And yet, when it came to gaming, I could out geek any of them.  I could quote chapter and verse of rules.  I taught them how to use AoOs.  They had some geeky people, but I had *breadth* on them.