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Where has Sam been?, posted by sam

I’ve been gone for about a month and a half. What you didn’t notice the decline in the site’s level of profanity? Well, fuck you!

I got laid off a month and a half ago and suddenly I had nothing to say. It was depressing, really. I got laid off from a shitty, low paying, part time job in a filthy building that was giving me health problems like the first 20 minutes of Joe Vs. The Volcano.

I was working for a form printing company called Gulf here in town, and while it was by no means an ideal job, it allowed me to do stuff like Pay The Fucking Rent and to occasionally Pay My Goddamn Bills On Time. I took the job with them because I’m in college and needed to work at a place with semi-flexible hours from semester to semester.

I’ve spent the month doing odd jobs and freelance to pa my bills, but with the fall semester about to start, it’s going to get very hard to scrape by. I’ve been looking for freelance work on as a writer/editor/proofreader, but I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to compete with people in the Philippines who are willing to badly do what I do well for a dollar an hour.

I’ve also been applying for anything I could find that would allow me to make enough money to live off of and go to college at the same time. So far, no luck.

This is going to be an interesting couple of months for me, I think.

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