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Architectural Squee!, posted by Kurt

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a week now, but just haven’t found the time until now.  I came across an absolutely fantastic bit of architectural porn, an architectual firm’s office (what else?) in Spain.  This isn’t just any old office, mind you.   They blended cool retro 1950s style with modern materials, and stuck the result in the middle of a forest.  It doesn’t exactly blend with the surroundings, but it minimizes its impact by sitting partly underground, like a huge pipe sunk halfway in the mud.  The result is reminiscent of some sort of space-age colony bunker sitting on a terraformed planet.  I don’t know if that’s exactly the look they were going for, but that’s what it says to me.

Actually, no.  What it really says to me is AWESOME.  Like, Rhino “let it begin!” awesome.  Click the pic for more images.

Selgas Cano Office

Selgas Cano Office