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Just in case you needed another reason to love the internet

20-Sep-09 Question: How many people are in space right now? Answer: 6

That rare intersection…


…of architectural geekiness and film geekiness.  If anyone gives me the $2.5 million, I’ll throw a house party to beat all.

More architecture geekery


As a kid, my favorite toy in the world was Legos, or more properly LEGO.  From my very first space set I got for Christmas in 1980 (the Beta 1 Command Base) I was totally hooked, and LEGO dominated my wish lists for birthday and Christmas for years to follow.  In college, my love for […]

Architectural Squee!


I’ve been meaning to post about this for a week now, but just haven’t found the time until now.  I came across an absolutely fantastic bit of architectural porn, an architectual firm’s office (what else?) in Spain.  This isn’t just any old office, mind you.   They blended cool retro 1950s style with modern materials, and […]

Architectural Geekery, Part I


Architecture is like beauty; its worth is commonly in the eye of the beholder.  What may be an architectural treasure to one person may be a derelict ruin to another.  Even two architects can disagree on whether or not a particular building or style is appealing.  My advisor in grad school, for example, once half-joked […]