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Speaking of isms in geekery…


Lots of things have come up this week. Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting – Author John Scalzi attempts to talk about privilege in a gamified way, because a lot of people get freaked out by the term. A Look at Sexism in Fantasy by Sarah Darkmagic. This is in reaction to the Sexism […]

I am anti-geek pride


I know, controversial title, right? So, today is a very geeky day.  It’s Star Wars Day #2, because Star Wars was released 33 years ago today.  It got overshadowed by Empire day, but….  It’s also Towel Day, because DNA (Douglas Noel Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and other books author) died two weeks ago, […]

Bah. Humbug.


One of my guildies recently posed a question that boiled down to “Is it weird for a 42 year old guy to play DnD with 20 year olds?”  He wanted to get back in to gaming, didn’t have a group, signed up for the friendly local Comic Book Store’s open gaming.  Group was young, his […]

Would You Like to Play a Game?


Okay, as many who read this blog know by now, I’m relocating my family to Leeds in August. We’re taking about six suitcases with us to the United Kingdom, which leaves 95% of our belongings in storage. I can’t stand my board games sitting in storage for a year or more, pieces silent and dice […]

Where have I been? Salivating over this…


here’s a question to geeks everywhere….will anything ever compare to BSG? I doubt it….

More architecture geekery


As a kid, my favorite toy in the world was Legos, or more properly LEGO.  From my very first space set I got for Christmas in 1980 (the Beta 1 Command Base) I was totally hooked, and LEGO dominated my wish lists for birthday and Christmas for years to follow.  In college, my love for […]

What sort of geek are you?


I want to see how many readers we have, what sort of posts you’d like to see more of and what flavor of geekdom you more identify with. I realize these options may not best suit you, but pick the answers you like the most. (This is really just to test the polling plugin I […]

Nerd is the new jock


It’s no surprise to us, of course, but it seems the mainstream media are finally growing hip to the hipness of nerds and geeks.  CNN has an article up this morning about how nerd cred is now hip, embraced by Hollywood and pop culture.  From Revenge of the Nerds 25 years ago to TV sitcoms […]

Free Comic Book Day!


Plan on taking the kids out to Rogue’s Gallery after breakfast and the boy’s guitar lesson. Also, a good chance for dad to sneak in and buy gaming stuff the day after payday. Mmmmm, come home and teach a new game while they read their comics. Just another day in geek paradise. Reminds me that […]

‘Ware the anger of video game widows


Dee made a post about a woman named Jillian R, a “Phoenix Early Childhood Parenting Examiner” (citizen reporter, in other words) who posted what amounted to a rant on video game players and how they ignore families.  My first impression was this is a woman who has dealt with being a “video game widow” in […]