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Who’d win in a fight? Terminator 2’s Sarah Connor or Aliens’ Ellen Ripley? GO. ps. hello everyone! :)

Where have I been? Salivating over this…


here’s a question to geeks everywhere….will anything ever compare to BSG? I doubt it….

Trek yoself (b4 you wreck yoself)


So the hubby and I have been having hours of fun with this today. you should too!

Blame the parents-pt. 1


Women like this make my blood boil. It’s not even so much that the only good thing she said video games can do is improve hand/eye coordination. It’s not even that she said that instead of playing video games, people should try to be better spouses/parents. It isn’t even that she “GUARAN-DANG-TEEs” in all caps […]

****Breaking News****


Since I don’t have any of your phone numbers, and I’ve read your hatred for social networking sites (except Michael), I feel my first post on this blog must be to announce that………. STAR TREK TICKETS ARE ON SALE. oh and WOLVERINE TICKETS ARE ON SALE. Go get em! p.s. actual post from me coming […]