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Texas Geeks Know Sam Houston > Rick Perry


Anyone who knows me understands that I’m one of those annoying Texans who really digs being a Texan. I blame my parents. You see, I actually grew up in rural Texas. So we had horses, cows, cattle guards, and dirt roads. Not that I lived on some big glorious ranch. More like ten acres of […]

WordPress RSS feeds are the devil


An hour ago, Mike mentioned wanting to link to a post on a FaceBook profile he’s about to create. The context of his question was such that it had nothing to do with where I took it. Mike wanted to know if anyone would be annoyed because the Basement is looking a little shabby at […]

Social Networking Sites Are Bullshit


There. I said it. Oh, they were alright back when Tribes was good for getting laid and you could be emo before emo was a word on LiveJournal, but these days? Not so much. Sure, there are some out there that serve an actual purpose like LinkedIn, but for the most part? Bullshit. But here’s […]