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I’ve figured it out….


I love Joss Whedon. I idolize Aaron Sorkin. I just don’t get Kevin Smith. Or, put differently: I want to hang out with Joss Whedon. I want to *be* Aaron Sorkin. Kevin Smith is the guy that shows up at the game cause he’s friends with someone else, and I can’t tell him to leave.

That rare intersection…


…of architectural geekiness and film geekiness.  If anyone gives me the $2.5 million, I’ll throw a house party to beat all.

The Bret Michaels of Terminator Films


You know like, “every rose has its thorns” or “man, I didn’t age well but I still look better than Vince Neil.” Kinda like Terminator Salvation feels a lot like the disappointment from Revenge of the Sith and a lot less like Alien Versus Predator. Hey, I’m trying to find somewhere nice to start because […]

Terminate this: Salvation and McSuck


You know, as a card-carrying pinko-commie-hippie-liberal, I’m all for recycling.  Green planet and all that. Which must mean that McG is Al Gore’s BFF, because I will be damned if I can think of a sci-fi movie he DIDN’T rip off in putting together Terminator: Salvation.

An alternate Trek


Having not posted in a while, and seeing Sam’s lukewarm recommendation of the new Trek, I thought I needed to break the silence and chime in with some thoughts, having now taken in the film twice.

Star Trek: Not All That.


Saturday I was talked into seeing the new Star Trek movie by my girlfriend and two of our friends who had already seen it. I saw a trailer a while back and thought, “That looks sorta cool,” but that’s as far as my thoughts on the movie went. I’m not a Trekkie. I was too […]



After June 16th, I may never leave the house until it’s time to go to Vegas.

I secretly enjoy Pride & Prejudice.


There. I’ve been outed. I was never exposed to Austen as a child. My first real introduction to Pride & Prejudice was through a girl I had something of a crush on; her sister informed me it was her favorite movie, and I purchased the BBC mini-series DVD set for her as a present. This […]

****Breaking News****


Since I don’t have any of your phone numbers, and I’ve read your hatred for social networking sites (except Michael), I feel my first post on this blog must be to announce that………. STAR TREK TICKETS ARE ON SALE. oh and WOLVERINE TICKETS ARE ON SALE. Go get em! p.s. actual post from me coming […]

Out of the closet basement theater and into the streets


The way I figure it, one has to be hardcore geek about something if they’ll agree to wear a fur coat for it.  In Texas.  In August. Granted it was for a job, and only the second one I’d ever had, but I still think it says something.  I’d begun working at the discount/second run […]