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Category Archives: Basement Basics

A Long, Strange Trip.


As mentioned here, my laptop has been angry with me for going on 4 months or so.  This cause me to retreat away from my usual comfort space of Team Fortress 2 and MMOs, and try to find ways to amuse myself.  I went two totally different directions – Facebook games, and diving back in […]

‘Ware the anger of video game widows


Dee made a post about a woman named Jillian R, a “Phoenix Early Childhood Parenting Examiner” (citizen reporter, in other words) who posted what amounted to a rant on video game players and how they ignore families.  My first impression was this is a woman who has dealt with being a “video game widow” in […]

Out of the closet basement theater and into the streets


The way I figure it, one has to be hardcore geek about something if they’ll agree to wear a fur coat for it.  In Texas.  In August. Granted it was for a job, and only the second one I’d ever had, but I still think it says something.  I’d begun working at the discount/second run […]

My basement


For me, coming out of the basement means something else. It’s suddenly realizing that I’ve got 3 kids, a wife, and I could reasonably be called a mid-level executive, when 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine having kids, thought being a manager was the worst thing I could ever do, and knowing that I would […]

Meta Geek Tagged


Being a geek to me means loving something to the point of marginalization. Anything. Do you argue over whether 50 Cent is fiddy or fitty? Rap geek.   Do you know the individual ERA of your team’s entire bullpen over the last five years? Baseball geek.   Have you mentioned Thac0 at a party? D&D […]

On definitions.


It’s hard to say whether or not a geek has come out of the basement, as one must define “the basement” before this statement has any purpose or meaning. It seems there are essentially two interpretations: The basement is literal, as in the cubby hole in which the geek seeks comfort, outfitted with the tools […]