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Category Archives: Video Games

On competition, card games, and Netrunner in particular


I’ve started playing Netrunner again. This time, rather than the CCG that I played with Kurt back in our ancient college days, it’s Android: Netrunner, made by Fantasy Flight Games (who I freakin’ love), and it’s a living card game.  Which in essence means that it’s a lot cheaper, and easier to keep up. As per […]

Kev’s Slog #13


One of the strangest and most interesting video game stories has to be the story behind the game Paranautical Activity. If you haven’t ever heard it, then I’ll talk about it now. The story so far: A little over two years ago, Paranautical Activity (PA) was on Greenlight. With Greenlight being new and the votes […]

Kev’s Slog #12


A few days ago, Steam Client Beta released a major change. In the future, the default Steam client will shift the color scheme.  Right now it’s a gray color, but it’s going to become a blue gradient in the future.  This is so this matches the Big Picture Mode more closely. Also, eventually you’ll be […]

The Tripwire Game


If you’ve read my Portal 2 ARG Trip Report (a.k.a. “Journey to the West – My Trip to Valve”) then you will notice that there’s a section in there which mentions a secret that I haven’t told. It’s the evening of April 18, 2011.  It’s a Monday, and despite that I didn’t go to work […]

Kev’s Slog #11


One indie game that is probably unnoticed is Richard & Alice.  It’s finally coming to Steam after almost a year.  This game has really simple graphics, but most people that have played it have stated that it’s actually a very touching and sad story about two people trying to survive the end of the world.  […]

Kev’s Slog #9


I almost broke my hand today trying to beat the train in the Dunwall City Trials DLC in Dishonored.  I’ve never pushed so hard on some buttons trying to run a mission in only 31 seconds, and my hands really are hurting from trying so hard.  Keep in mind that I’m actually 43 years old […]

Kev’s Slog #8


Seven days is all we get to play BattleBlock Theater’s closed beta test.  Each day, we have to do something in the game to test a feature.  It’s serious and we have to fill out a survey afterwards.  There’s several secret forums, which only the beta testers and developers can see, to discuss bugs, suggestions, […]

Kev’s Slog #6


First topic is: The Steam Greenlight 50 more games were Greenlit today. Now games are being Greenlit so fast that it barely matters anymore, and I wonder why the system is still there other than to get early fan feedback. I don’t recognize a majority of the games as there’s just too many indies for […]

Kev’s Slog #5


Steam is very careful about protecting certain parts of their system, such as their database and such.  Steam updates are frequently picked apart by gamers and sometimes Valve intentionally trolls gamers that keep trying to dig through it looking for “scoops”. There’s other areas that nobody wants to look at, and this information is hilariously […]

Journey to the West: My Trip to Valve


It’s now years after the Portal 2 ARG and nobody really thinks about it anymore.  But I wanted a permanent place for my story, and so I’m posting it here.  It’s still an important time of my life, and I think this would be the biggest thing that I’ve won in my lifetime.  It’s strange […]