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NYC Midnight Story #3


Genre: Open Location: Abandoned Factory Object: Stick of Butter Synopsis: A journalist makes the ultimate sacrifice to get her story as a case of late 21st Century identify theft evolves into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Cascade “Where am I?” Cascade whispered while twisting in his chair to test equally restrained legs and […]

NYC Midnight Flash Fic Story #1


So I entered the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest for the second year. Flash fiction is a short story that uses 1,000 or fewer words. I made the finals last year, but failed to place. More importantly, it was a fun way to generate some solid story starts in a variety of genres. Here is […]

Why Michael Don’t Publish Fiction


I realized late tonight that April was the 5th anniversary of the one short story I ever sold for cash. Frankly, there’s been few stories I’ve sold for even magazine copies, let alone for a real honest to goodness check. Much of my lack of fiction publishing is honestly a straight up lack of trying and […]