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I love it when articles about 1st Amendment U.S.S.C cases…


Reference Crush Videos in the throw away paragraph. When Congress passed the law and then-President Bill Clinton signed it in 1999, lawmakers were especially interested in limiting Internet sales of so-called crush videos, which appeal to a certain sexual fetish by showing women crushing to death small animals with their bare feet or high-heeled shoes. […]

Found on the Internets


There’s some great stuff out there… Most of it is profane. All of it is funny to someone, somewhere.

Trek yoself (b4 you wreck yoself)


So the hubby and I have been having hours of fun with this today. you should too!

WordPress RSS feeds are the devil


An hour ago, Mike mentioned wanting to link to a post on a FaceBook profile he’s about to create. The context of his question was such that it had nothing to do with where I took it. Mike wanted to know if anyone would be annoyed because the Basement is looking a little shabby at […]

Disney: Full of Laziness


Disney’s cartoons from the 70s were great. My favorite cartoon growing up was Robin Hood with the animal characters. I watched it until I wore out the tape. Then, a few years ago when I was all growed up, I got it on DVD. Today, I found this gem through the Magic Of The Internets. […]

Update to Social Networking Bullshit


I remembered the analogy I wanted to make about MySpace. MySpace is this generation’s version of Geocities. Just set the font color to red and background to black, slap a midi file of “Video Killed The Radio Star” up there, and let the mid-90s websites roll over you like waves of angst filled teenage memories.