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Bah. Humbug.


One of my guildies recently posed a question that boiled down to “Is it weird for a 42 year old guy to play DnD with 20 year olds?”  He wanted to get back in to gaming, didn’t have a group, signed up for the friendly local Comic Book Store’s open gaming.  Group was young, his […]

Paying for games


So it’s not a new thought – I’ve had it before, and posted it before (hell, maybe here – I’m too lazy (no, no, too inspired) to check), but I’m thinking about the costs of games again.  So here comes a rambling discourse on stuff. There are a lot of different ways to pay for […]

Trek the Third: The Search for More Trek


Gaming Together: My Uncle Ken, Cousin Wes, Me, and Dad Okay, I may well be the closest to an actual Trekkie/Trekker on this blog. Like all aspects of my life that involve geekery, this one comes pretty much directly from my father. Let’s be honest, much of what we call preference likely exists as little more than random acts […]

Continuing the Zombie Theme…


I just got home from running a table top role playing game where a group of people have to survive a zombie outbreak. Currently, they’ve foolishly chosen to help others who were trapped in their homes when the zombies attacked, and now they have a group of 70 survivors they can’t feed or protect. Bad […]

Wizards of the Coast and the Digital Dilemma


Wizards of the Coast, and its preceding incarnation, TSR, is infamously bad at delivering digital tools. There had been some recent signs of improvement- although released late, the subscription Character Builder is quite good, and they had made a great deal of their catalog available for sale through pdf vendors such as RPGNow and Paizo. […]