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Henry found the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet this month… And that includes a Flickr set of mugshots from the 40s full of the downtrodden dregs of humanity… I give you, ZOMBARITAVILLE! It’s those songs you just can’t claw out of out of your head, rewritten for the undead who just want claw […]

Star Trek: Not All That.


Saturday I was talked into seeing the new Star Trek movie by my girlfriend and two of our friends who had already seen it. I saw a trailer a while back and thought, “That looks sorta cool,” but that’s as far as my thoughts on the movie went. I’m not a Trekkie. I was too […]

I secretly enjoy Pride & Prejudice.


There. I’ve been outed. I was never exposed to Austen as a child. My first real introduction to Pride & Prejudice was through a girl I had something of a crush on; her sister informed me it was her favorite movie, and I purchased the BBC mini-series DVD set for her as a present. This […]

WordPress RSS feeds are the devil


An hour ago, Mike mentioned wanting to link to a post on a FaceBook profile he’s about to create. The context of his question was such that it had nothing to do with where I took it. Mike wanted to know if anyone would be annoyed because the Basement is looking a little shabby at […]

Pirates Still Cooler Than Zombies?


So, I’ve heard increasing chatter that pirates might be losing their geek cache due to certain real world events (yeah, I’m looking at you Somalia). @omarg even wondered earlier today if Talk Like a Pirate Day would ever be the same again. So, have pirates been downgraded in coolness by their recent rise on the […]

Continuing the Zombie Theme…


I just got home from running a table top role playing game where a group of people have to survive a zombie outbreak. Currently, they’ve foolishly chosen to help others who were trapped in their homes when the zombies attacked, and now they have a group of 70 survivors they can’t feed or protect. Bad […]

Speaking of Zombies…


(See the comments on Mike’s post.) The group Metric released a new song, Help I’m Alive, just prior to the release of their new album. I liked the song enough to check out and then buy the album once it was released. My view of the song was slightly changed- perhaps for the better, even- […]