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COTB 006 – Geek music and DnD 5th edition news


Carlos and BJ cover the world of geek music and then spend some time discussing the recent news and changes coming from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Magical Girl Kirsten Dunst cosplay, made of win


Yeah, I used “made of win.” Sue me! I’ve always been something of a Kirsten Dunst fan (I should say “we,” since her image long graced the window of Q’s workspace), and this is just fanboy/girl heaven. ^_- So, Kirsten Dunst + Princess Cosplay + Akihabara + 80s cover! (picture) (video) (some anime […]

Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm


Q and I went to see the February 5th show of Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm on February 5th at Antone’s in Austin. The marquis read “Jonathan Coultron with Paul” at first, but was soon corrected to “Jonathan Coultron with Paul and Strm,”(1) which itself raised a few jokes about the Coultron 2000 during […]



Henry found the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet this month… And that includes a Flickr set of mugshots from the 40s full of the downtrodden dregs of humanity… I give you, ZOMBARITAVILLE! It’s those songs you just can’t claw out of out of your head, rewritten for the undead who just want claw […]

Domo arigato, Harmonix


Harmonix announces that next week’s downloadable content for Rock Band will include a 7-song pack of REO Speedwagon and Styx. Jesus, if they’d only mix in some Van Halen, I could recreate the Texxas Jam in my living room.  I’m regressing back to my youth in the best possible way. Update: The Texxas Living Room […]

Speaking of Zombies…


(See the comments on Mike’s post.) The group Metric released a new song, Help I’m Alive, just prior to the release of their new album. I liked the song enough to check out and then buy the album once it was released. My view of the song was slightly changed- perhaps for the better, even- […]