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Domo arigato, Harmonix, posted by Enrique G

Harmonix announces that next week’s downloadable content for Rock Band will include a 7-song pack of REO Speedwagon and Styx.

Jesus, if they’d only mix in some Van Halen, I could recreate the Texxas Jam in my living room.  I’m regressing back to my youth in the best possible way.

Update: The Texxas Living Room Jam playlist from the songs available for the game:

“More Than A Feeling” – Boston (Texxas Jam, 1979)
“(Don’t Fear) the Reaper” – Blue Öyster Cult  (Jam, 1979)
“The Trees” – Rush (Jam, 1979)
“Hello There” – Cheap Trick (Jam, 1980)
“Roll with the Changes” – REO Speedwagon (Jam, 1981)
“Any Way You Want It” – Journey (Jam, 1982)
“Bad Reputation” – Joan Jett (Jam, 1982)
“Renegade” – Styx (Jam, 1983)
“War Pigs” – Black Sabbath (technically not a Jam band, but Ozzy performed in 1984)
“Highway Star” – Deep Purple (Jam, 1985) 
“Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi (Jam, 1985)

Why yes, I did in fact only pick songs for the bands that would have been released concurrent with or prior to their Jam appearance.  Well, almost…Bon Jovi’s appearance predates Slippery When Wet by a year.