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A Long, Strange Trip.


As mentioned here, my laptop has been angry with me for going on 4 months or so.  This cause me to retreat away from my usual comfort space of Team Fortress 2 and MMOs, and try to find ways to amuse myself.  I went two totally different directions – Facebook games, and diving back in […]

How Games Talk to Us


Been meaning to respond to Enrique’s comments on what appeals to us in games for awhile. Finally found a moment to breathe and decided to post this up rather than, you know, breathing. It’s a breakdown of what I see as the four core tasks that constitute most gaming experiences. I’ll leave a link to the […]

Bah. Humbug.


One of my guildies recently posed a question that boiled down to “Is it weird for a 42 year old guy to play DnD with 20 year olds?”  He wanted to get back in to gaming, didn’t have a group, signed up for the friendly local Comic Book Store’s open gaming.  Group was young, his […]



After June 16th, I may never leave the house until it’s time to go to Vegas.

‘Ware the anger of video game widows


Dee made a post about a woman named Jillian R, a “Phoenix Early Childhood Parenting Examiner” (citizen reporter, in other words) who posted what amounted to a rant on video game players and how they ignore families.  My first impression was this is a woman who has dealt with being a “video game widow” in […]

1UP already stole my headline


Rock out with your block out was pretty obvious, to be fair.  I can’t make up my mind how I feel about this.  On the one hand, the concept I find to be pretty stupid, but then I don’t have kids.  But I’d kill to have two or three of the songs on that brief […]

Blame the parents-pt. 1


Women like this make my blood boil. It’s not even so much that the only good thing she said video games can do is improve hand/eye coordination. It’s not even that she said that instead of playing video games, people should try to be better spouses/parents. It isn’t even that she “GUARAN-DANG-TEEs” in all caps […]

Domo arigato, Harmonix


Harmonix announces that next week’s downloadable content for Rock Band will include a 7-song pack of REO Speedwagon and Styx. Jesus, if they’d only mix in some Van Halen, I could recreate the Texxas Jam in my living room.  I’m regressing back to my youth in the best possible way. Update: The Texxas Living Room […]

On definitions.


It’s hard to say whether or not a geek has come out of the basement, as one must define “the basement” before this statement has any purpose or meaning. It seems there are essentially two interpretations: The basement is literal, as in the cubby hole in which the geek seeks comfort, outfitted with the tools […]