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Blame the parents-pt. 1, posted by dee

Women like this make my blood boil.

It’s not even so much that the only good thing she said video games can do is improve hand/eye coordination.

It’s not even that she said that instead of playing video games, people should try to be better spouses/parents.

It isn’t even that she “GUARAN-DANG-TEEs” in all caps that no geek will ever get married if s/he doesn’t stop button mashing.

It’s the fact that she resorted to name calling  as old, tired and overused as her C U Next Tuesday when she called gamers fiscally irresponsible junior high aged kids with no social skills. Oh and here’s another brilliant quote:

” …your THUMB muscle isn’t really the first thing the woman is going to look at say, “Oooh….What a MAN!”

Oh and apparently, all women want a man that is “kind, gentle, sincere, and puts them first as a priority” so apparently, males that game are complete assholes and physically weak individuals that won’t be able to  protect us poor damsels in distress when we call out for help.