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How Games Talk to Us


Been meaning to respond to Enrique’s comments on what appeals to us in games for awhile. Finally found a moment to breathe and decided to post this up rather than, you know, breathing. It’s a breakdown of what I see as the four core tasks that constitute most gaming experiences. I’ll leave a link to the […]

I am anti-geek pride


I know, controversial title, right? So, today is a very geeky day.  It’s Star Wars Day #2, because Star Wars was released 33 years ago today.  It got overshadowed by Empire day, but….  It’s also Towel Day, because DNA (Douglas Noel Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and other books author) died two weeks ago, […]

Why Michael Don’t Publish Fiction


I realized late tonight that April was the 5th anniversary of the one short story I ever sold for cash. Frankly, there’s been few stories I’ve sold for even magazine copies, let alone for a real honest to goodness check. Much of my lack of fiction publishing is honestly a straight up lack of trying and […]

I Love Honest Reporting


I hate when national reporters smooth a quote for print. and both used the sanitized AP version of San Antonio Spur’s coach Gregg Popovich’s quote about the beatdown they received from the Mavs last night. Not the Statesman, however. The Statesman went with full verbal honestyin printing this from Popovich: “They kicked our […]

Geekery of different stripes.


Hey, I’m Sam. Something to be aware of about this site: Of the people who have ability to post updates to the site, none of us have exactly the same interests; though many of them do overlap. This is common with any group of people and  you should be aware that we won’t all share […]