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Geekery of different stripes., posted by sam

Hey, I’m Sam. Something to be aware of about this site:

Of the people who have ability to post updates to the site, none of us have exactly the same interests; though many of them do overlap. This is common with any group of people and  you should be aware that we won’t all share the same opinions on various topics.

For example, I hate D&D. I loves me some good role playing, but over the last 10 years, that hasn’t been something I could get from Wizards of the Coast. I do love other things, though. I’m all about cheesy horror movies, picking on people for poor grammar, comic books that don’t involve douche bags flying around in their underwear, and politics.

Politics, you ask? Yes. I’m a political junkie. I’ve turned the full power of my geeky obsessiveness onto politics. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle; it won’t hurt much.

The point of this post is to illustrate that geeks don’t just sit in in their own filth in dank, musty rooms, whistling through their retainers, and rolling dice. Some of us even get laid. We don’t always think the same thing about given topics, and you’ll probably get several posts that conflict one another. Don’t worry, that’s normal. We’re out of the basement and acting like real people with complex interests, desires, and  dislikes.

Of course, there are geeks like that out there, and they should be avoided until you have proof that they have bathed in the last week and are capable of carrying on a conversation that doesn’t involve establishing the role playing stats for the female cast of the Star Trek franchise.

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