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How Games Talk to Us


Been meaning to respond to Enrique’s comments on what appeals to us in games for awhile. Finally found a moment to breathe and decided to post this up rather than, you know, breathing. It’s a breakdown of what I see as the four core tasks that constitute most gaming experiences. I’ll leave a link to the […]

NYC Midnight Story #3


Genre: Open Location: Abandoned Factory Object: Stick of Butter Synopsis: A journalist makes the ultimate sacrifice to get her story as a case of late 21st Century identify theft evolves into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Cascade “Where am I?” Cascade whispered while twisting in his chair to test equally restrained legs and […]

The 2nd Story for NYC Midnight


So, Monday I leave Texas for Oregon, which in today’s mad, mad world somehow manages to be on my way to England. Before that I wanted to share the 2nd flash story of the competition. Title: A Place to Keep Them Genre: Ghost Story Object: Horseshoe Place: Circus SYNOPSIS: A young man on a first date becomes […]

NYC Midnight Flash Fic Story #1


So I entered the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest for the second year. Flash fiction is a short story that uses 1,000 or fewer words. I made the finals last year, but failed to place. More importantly, it was a fun way to generate some solid story starts in a variety of genres. Here is […]

Would You Like to Play a Game?


Okay, as many who read this blog know by now, I’m relocating my family to Leeds in August. We’re taking about six suitcases with us to the United Kingdom, which leaves 95% of our belongings in storage. I can’t stand my board games sitting in storage for a year or more, pieces silent and dice […]

Hall of Fame Weekend II


I’m not a big baseball fan, but after last weekend’s once-in-a-lifetime NCAA Austin Regional, I had to buy tickets to the Super Regional.  For those who don’t know, last Saturday the University of Texas and Boston College played the longest baseball game in NCAA history, 25-innings and over seven hours. Austin Woods provided the real […]

The Bret Michaels of Terminator Films


You know like, “every rose has its thorns” or “man, I didn’t age well but I still look better than Vince Neil.” Kinda like Terminator Salvation feels a lot like the disappointment from Revenge of the Sith and a lot less like Alien Versus Predator. Hey, I’m trying to find somewhere nice to start because […]

Why Michael Don’t Publish Fiction


I realized late tonight that April was the 5th anniversary of the one short story I ever sold for cash. Frankly, there’s been few stories I’ve sold for even magazine copies, let alone for a real honest to goodness check. Much of my lack of fiction publishing is honestly a straight up lack of trying and […]

Trek the Third: The Search for More Trek


Gaming Together: My Uncle Ken, Cousin Wes, Me, and Dad Okay, I may well be the closest to an actual Trekkie/Trekker on this blog. Like all aspects of my life that involve geekery, this one comes pretty much directly from my father. Let’s be honest, much of what we call preference likely exists as little more than random acts […]

Free Comic Book Day!


Plan on taking the kids out to Rogue’s Gallery after breakfast and the boy’s guitar lesson. Also, a good chance for dad to sneak in and buy gaming stuff the day after payday. Mmmmm, come home and teach a new game while they read their comics. Just another day in geek paradise. Reminds me that […]