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Henry found the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet this month… And that includes a Flickr set of mugshots from the 40s full of the downtrodden dregs of humanity… I give you, ZOMBARITAVILLE! It’s those songs you just can’t claw out of out of your head, rewritten for the undead who just want claw […]

1UP already stole my headline


Rock out with your block out was pretty obvious, to be fair.  I can’t make up my mind how I feel about this.  On the one hand, the concept I find to be pretty stupid, but then I don’t have kids.  But I’d kill to have two or three of the songs on that brief […]

Speaking of Zombies…


(See the comments on Mike’s post.) The group Metric released a new song, Help I’m Alive, just prior to the release of their new album. I liked the song enough to check out and then buy the album once it was released. My view of the song was slightly changed- perhaps for the better, even- […]