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Category Archives: Anime

COTB 024 – Still Kickin


After another unplanned hiatus the basement geeks rejoin to much rejoicing and discuss everything they’d been holding off of for months. While bouncing back and forth between topics Carlos and Ben are able to keep the conversation from going completely off the rails.

COTB 018 – A Geek Christmas


After a small break Carlos and B.J. return for a Christmas review of gift ideas for the geek in your family. Along the way they talk Justice League speculation, the new Superman and Star Trek trailers, and engage in various other geeky topics.

COTB 010 – Batman and Bronies


A review of the popularity of My Little Pony and the creation of Bronies (Ben then surrenders his mancard) followed by some Batman talk to cleanse the palate.

COTB 007 – Game Master tips and classic anime


Carlos and Ben discuss the Tupac hologram, the Avengers movie domination, tips and tricks for new game masters, and great anime suggestions.

Sexism in Geek Culture, with a look at Comics


In the most recent Coming Out of the Basement Podcast, we discuss sexism in geek culture, with a bit of a closer look at comics (along with the Mass Effect 3 ending). For the first subject, I had enough sources and examples that I thought it made sense to do a post on the topic. […]

Last minute Geek Christmas Gifts already?


Cripes, it’s Christmas already. What’s going on? Well, here’s gift suggestions- maybe for your geek friends, maybe for you. Of course, I expect lots of folks around these parts are playing Skyrim or Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m certainly doing the latter at the moment. The only problem looking at those as gifts is […]

Summer Wars!


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a nifty anime movie we saw earlier this year- Summer Wars. Q and I had the opportunity to see it at the ever-awesome Alamo Drafthouse (Ritz location, Austin), where we ran into tons of people we know. :P I really liked it, and Q absolutely LOVED it. […]

The Curious Case of Copyright and Anime


As the others allude to in the About section, in my Real Life I do a great deal with copyright. The Anime Industry runs on copyright infringement. Just about everything the fan community does with anime is infringing somehow. This type of statement could be made about fandom in general, but it’s particularly true with […]

Introducing Anime Reviews


In an effort to write more, I’ll probably be posting some anime reviews over the next few weeks. In this post, I’m going to briefly discuss my history with anime; in the next I’m going to discuss some Things You Should Know before I get to proper reviewing- particularly involving the nebulous relationship between anime […]

Magical Girl Kirsten Dunst cosplay, made of win


Yeah, I used “made of win.” Sue me! I’ve always been something of a Kirsten Dunst fan (I should say “we,” since her image long graced the window of Q’s workspace), and this is just fanboy/girl heaven. ^_- So, Kirsten Dunst + Princess Cosplay + Akihabara + 80s cover! (picture) (video) (some anime […]