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Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm, posted by CJ Ovalle

Q and I went to see the February 5th show of Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm on February 5th at Antone’s in Austin. The marquis read “Jonathan Coultron with Paul” at first, but was soon corrected to “Jonathan Coultron with Paul and Strm,”(1) which itself raised a few jokes about the Coultron 2000 during the show. Other running gags included mentioning words or phrases (such as “posthensile”) and then another of the performers adding “…that’s my [insert musical group] cover band.” The three also had some good yet problematic experiences with some cookies that a friend of ours made for them. Also, because it began as a Paul & Storm show, there were a lot of piratey “ARRRRRRS” at inappropriate (2) times (3). My favorite part was probably their rendition of “Soft Rocking,” the subtly creepy-yet-sad song about “soft rocking you,” which led to a medley that included, of all groups, Air Supply, as well as others 80s hits. And was awesome. I’ll link to this version if I ever find it online.

Now I confess that on occasion Q and I can probably be a bit… curmudgeon-y when it comes to today’s youts. ^^; And we’re possible even the slightest bit judgmental regarding our fellow geeks/nerds/insert favorite appellation here (sort of akin to Derek’s lament in an earlier post). It’s true; some of us are more socially inept than others. But I haven’t given up! (4) Work on it, folks! Yes, geek heroes such as these performers are great, and yes, they’re really nice and will make conversation with you and perhaps even be interested in what you say- but you don’t have to try so hard! ^_^ Gambare! You can do it! A tiny bit of advice:

-Sometimes your jokes will work and be incorporated into the performance! That’s awesome! You totally succeeded in being clever! Go you! (Seriously.) You don’t need to keep on calling for the same joke as the show progresses! As Q aptly reminds me, brevity is the soul of wit. ^_^
-Kids, some of you have lovely voices. Your harmony kind of detracts from the show on occasion. You may be able to do that at a more appropriate time and place, like playing Rock Band, or perhaps the shower. (5) Go you! Just not at the concert we’re paying for unless it’s appropriate (like when playing pirates or zombies)! (6)
-Not a problem this time, but when they were here during SXSW last time around- there’s a good chance that Felicia Day would, in fact, mind if you tried to wander off with her (7).

DESPITE this, you are our people. Yes, even you socially-awkward-guy-wearing-a-Munchkin-shirt. We love you too. (8)

Just don’t stand too close to us. :P (9)

(1) I must add, that because of a similar typo I spent the better part of a year thinking that the duo was “Paul & Strom.” No kidding.
(2) …if such a thing could ever be said to be inappropriate.
(3) That’s my Paul and Storm cover band.
(4) I can’t speak for Q. She’s given up on you. Don’t let that discourage you. :P
(5) These are Not Optional. Work on it.
(6) I never expected to be writing that line either. But it’s true. Pirates for Paul & Storm, zombies for Coulton. Them’s the rules.
(7) I’m willing to be proven wrong, but I’d consult your local laws before proceeding.
(8) But not like, that way.
(9) I mean, you can stand next to us and talk to us and everything, but recognize the value of personal space. ^_-

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