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Pirates Still Cooler Than Zombies?, posted by Michael Trice

Creative Commons Photo by Marcus Metropolis

Creative Commons Photo by Marcus Metropolis

So, I’ve heard increasing chatter that pirates might be losing their geek cache due to certain real world events (yeah, I’m looking at you Somalia).

@omarg even wondered earlier today if Talk Like a Pirate Day would ever be the same again. So, have pirates been downgraded in coolness by their recent rise on the world stage? It’s important because pirates completely pervade geekdom. Consider:

If pirates become a “real” again, does homeland security start freezing the assets of Texas Tech coach Mike Leach? (and Mike a pirate can beat a soldier, just not a Navy SEAL–but no worry, the Aggies will never be that competent)

Should we rename electronic piracy to distance theft from “real” piracy? WotC would you like to weigh in on this? Is Adobe Acrobat the AK-47 of the 21st century?

Finally, when discussing if zombies, vikings, or pirates are more cool, must we now include Navy SEALs?   CNN cleaned up this article, when I first read it they used headshot at least four times. 

On the last question, I think the SEALs win. I mean even a zombie pirate dies from a headshot. However, a Valhalla-risen zombie viking may not be stopped by a headshot. Frankly, I’m not sure what stops one and hope never to find out. Unless some SEALs are around.