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Kev’s Slog #4


I examine dozens of video games every day and sometimes I get excited for them.  The one game that has me the most excited is Banished and it’ll be here in a few weeks on Steam. Banished is a real-time strategy/city building game about a group of exiled travelers that have come to settle in […]

What I’m Playing #1


In which I talk about everything I’m playing, in hopes someone will be interested.

Kev’s Slog #3


Rymdkapsel is coming out tomorrow on Steam.  Rymdkapsel means “space capsule” in Swedish, if you’re curious.  It’s a mobile game where you try to manage a space station. Now if you think that all mobile games are just cheesy and dumb, then wait until you see this game.  I need to emphasize this:  Guess how […]

Kev’s Slog #2 (title not finalized)


I was going to call this my Steam Condenser as I take Steam-related stories and condense them into an easy-to-read blog.  Then I found out that Steam Condenser is a real product used by Source developers.  I’m still looking for ideas. ===== The gaming company King–who makes the mobile game Candy Crush Saga–managed to trademark […]

Welcome to my Steam Blog


Hi, I’m Kev.  I write Steam Blogs (Slogs)–that is, posts on my Steam page normally.  If you’re a Friend on Steam, then you can see see my posts on my Activity page.  If you’re not one of my Friends, then I suspect that this post must be very confusing and strange. I wanted to have […]

COTB 025 – What the heck does ELO mean?


With the welcome return of JJ the basement geeks spend time pondering the meaning of ELO and all its implications. After that they discuss some Kickstarter projects that they’re excited about then Ben delves into a long rant about Wildstar and what a AAA MMO means (Which afterwards no one understands anyways). Then the Marvel […]

COTB 023 – We live part 2


The second chapter of “We live” finds Carlos, JJ, and Ben discussing a variety of games including Shadowrun Returns, Adventures of Van Helsing, Rift, and Wildstar. Then they switch gears briefly to discuss the Carrion Crown Adventure Path for Pathfinder, specifically the Haunting of Harrowstone (the first module of the series). After that they have […]



Ben will have a podcast up soon. In the meantime, here’s an article about the death of Final Fantasy, from Wired… Sigh. Here’s to you, once great series.

COTB 021 – The one year anniversary episode


Carlos and Ben celebrate their one year anniversary by recalling their epic weekend at ChimeraCon. After that they cover some interesting Kickstarter projects and discuss some recent movies before teasing the next episode regarding Bioshock Infinite.

COTB 019 – Arrows Exiles and Mists of Pandaria


Carlos and Ben welcome back special guest J.J. and new guest host Holly. Together they discuss recent movie news, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Path of Exiles, Fiasco the board game, Civilization the board game, and the Game of Thrones board game.