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I wish I weren’t lazy, #2, posted by Derek

The last time I posted something with that title, it became this blog.  So I’m hopeful….

I’ve finally gotten around to read The Dark Tower.

I *so* wish I could do a DMoTR/Darth & Droids version of the book and I’m only on book 3.

I mean, honestly.  (Spoilers, I guess)  I think it’s a nWoD game.

Roland is completely the powergamer player who has learned that building a huge, complex backstory means your ST will let you get away with a lot more, and maybe even give you free XP.  Hell, he’s me.  The first several games were just Roland and the ST, because they couldn’t find anyone that was willing to join a “post-apocolyptic western-medieval blend humans nWoD” game.  Roland put 5 dots in firearms, maxed out the stats that go to will and initiative, and then took some kind of “survivor” merit.  Then he took Dark Secret, Code of Honor, Quest, and any other flaws that basically meant he could be an asshole that only cared about shooting people, but also get more points for it.  He took “disease-prone” too, cause his survival would let him outlive it.

Then someone else shows up.  He’s the asshole, so he picks flaw “child” cause everyone hates the guy that plays a child.  Then he flakes out, and they kill off his character.

Then Eddie’s player joins, and hasn’t played much.  Roland convinces the ST to let him run a big backstory game, with Roland “advising” by being in his head.  And then he says “Since this guy hasn’t spent much time playing, let’s give him 20 xp to spend after the first game, when he knows what he wants.”  Then he helps him pick flaws.  Addict is easy – just make a roll once or twice a day.  Twisted upbringing just means you don’t care.  Criminal past, cause it means you can fight cops too.  Then Eddie comes through, and Roland convinces him to dump all *his* xp in to guns too.

Another dude shows up.  Roland and Eddie explain how awesome flaws are, so this guy takes the highest points he can find, and goes for “no legs” and “deranged.”  He doesn’t really know what schizophrenic is, so he just sort of plays it like an MPD, but with 2 personalities.  And he *sucks* at acting.  I see the scene – “DUDE, seriously.  Have you ever *met* a real black woman?  *NO ONE* talks like that.”  He tries to spend his XP to buy off the stupid schizo flaw when he comes through, because it’s annoying everyone.  But Roland’s player convinces the ST that he should get the stats from both personalities if he continues to keep it up, just at a lower level.

Then the dude that played Jake shows up out of nowhere again, and swears he’ll keep showing up, so they write him back in to the game.

Think about it.  Get back to me.  ;)