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Time wasters., posted by sam

So I’m sitting here at work with nothing to do and probably nothing to do for the rest of the day. It’s got me wondering. What do all of you do to waste time in those down periods at the office? I want to hear about stuff you do at work that sort of looks like you’re working if your boss wanders by and glances at your monitor with no real interest.

Currently, I’m in an IRC channel, checking three forums for activities, surfing, reading Twitter, skimming through the DailyKos, and compulsively updating my Recommended Products list on Amazon, and thinking up backstory for the Bounty Hunter character I’m gonna play in an upcoming Star Wars Saga game.

Please, reply to this with your list. Give me one more thing to read so I’m distracted from this almost overpowering urge to set my office on fire and run out the door smelling of gasoline and cackling madly.