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The Basement’s Take on the New Cobra Commander, posted by Michael Trice

Cobra Commander 4E

Cobra Commander 4E

What follows is a Bill Simmons-esque discussion many of us recently had about the new Cobra Commander toy relased by Hasbro. Well, except all the frat talk is replaced with Net jargon, but this is the Basement after all.

Sam: They’ve raped my childhood.

Jake: qfft

Me: So, Cobra Commander wasn’t a metrosexual version of Jason X in your childhood?

Sam: I will shoot you with ten guns.

Derek:  You know it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt, right? From Brick, and 3rd Rock from the Sun?

Me: My bad. So, Cobra Commander wasn’t a short metrosexual version of Jason X in your childhood?

Sam: I want to murder the world.

Kurt: Holy shit.  I feel violated.  And to think I was actually sort of looking forward to the movie…

Yep, and we’re all married or in long-term relationships. There’s hope for all of you. All of you.

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