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How I imagine it goes…., posted by Derek

“You know, I really want to write something, like, deep and meaningful about MMOs or video games or something.”

“Yeah?  That’s cool.  You wanna, like, start looking at stuff to see what you should write about?”

“Nah, that’s a lot of work.  I think I’ll write about, um, you know, like, girls.  And video games.  And why there aren’t any girls that play video games.  Cause that’s cool, and also, like, girls would think it was sensitive and stuff.”

“Dude, you know that, like, studies and stuff show that more women play games than ever before, right?  That now it’s more an issue of finding out what games girls enjoy, and treating them like, better?”

“Eh, I dunno.  I think everyone knows that girls don’t play games.  I mean, like, when I’m all ‘Hey, are any of you guys girls?’ no one ever answers me.”

“Okay, so, should we like, go do some research and stuff?  I bet there are some studies and things out there….”

“Nah, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out.  I know a lot about being a girl.  I play one in WoW most of the time.”

I’m pretty sure it’s about 100% like that.

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