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I am such a sap, posted by CJ Ovalle

I don’t read as many comics as I used to- although I’m finding the new D&D comic strangely funny. I did look at the Green Lantern Brightest Day/Blackest Night stuff, though, to see who died, who came back, etc. I always did like Green Lantern, although I wasn’t a giant fan of them making Hal Jordan evil and then even less so of retconning him. And bringing back Barry Allen? Why?

But no, I’m a sap because I heard what sounded like the silliest story, so I just had to look it up. Dex-Starr, the red lantern. A CAT. Yes, a cute cat of evil red rage. So I just had to look at that story- and it was so sad.
(Check out the “avenging his owner” pictures.)

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