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I think you may be missing the point here…., posted by Derek

There’s a story in the local paper. It’s a few paragraphs long, but it can be summarized as thus:

Wolf populations are on the rise in WI. Wolves are eating deer. Hunters shot less deer.

The logical conclusion?

Wolf hunts.



It’s….you see….deer….wolves….hunters are….

I can’t even really begin to address this. But it’s made my head hurt so very very very very very much today.

I actually found that story while looking in to this one:

Not in that paper, but that’s the online version that had the story I was looking for.  The comments in that story frighten me tremendously.  From comment 1, it’s intensely political, completely lacking in context, and vitrolic rhetoric.  It’s not until the “Hey, I work there, here’s the facts” that it settles down.

People just worry me, all over.

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