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Whither 5th Edition?, posted by CJ Ovalle

Referring to D&D, of course… I suspect it’s close- within the next couple of years.

Rich Baker has had a couple of interesting Rule of Three columns, where he (and other designers) reflect on different parts of 4th edition. Baker mentions that powers between different classes seem very similar, which has definitely been a complaint of mine, and he’s noted that some of the real benefits of 4E also have costs. He also mentions that 4E is mostly a striker show, which I think is true to a large extent. And Monte Cook’s Legends and Lore column has certainly been provoking, as has his return to the WotC fold. Monte has asked some really interesting questions in Legends and Lore, and discussed the game’s history as well as the role of complexity in the game. So far, I like what I’m seeing.

Now, what are the odds they’ll bring back the OGL? =P

Heroes of the Feywild is coming out tomorrow, or two weeks ago if you’re close to one of the favored FLGS stores that can sell it early. Living near one of those stores, I picked it up last week. Solid book. I think I liked Neverwinter a tad bit better overall, but HoF is definitely fun. New races- pixie, hamadryad, and satyr, and several new class options, including the barbarian berserker, the bard skald, the druid protector (I think) and the wizard witch. The themes are a lot of fun- I particularly liked the fey beast tamer, which gives you your own magical beast companion. They’re all decent, though, and I wish they had more room for themes and epic destinies in the book. I was also happy that the pixie was relatively close to the one I made for a home game a few years back, at 4Es advent.

Pixie, Not Quite The Greatest Race That Has Ever Existed (inside joke based on a wiki-editing war)
Tiny Fey Humanoid
Ability Bonuses: +2 Dex, +2 Cha
Sorta tiny: Treated as a small character for most purposes, including reach
Speed: 5 (flight)
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill bonuses: +2 stealth, +2 nature
Fey Origin

The official version isn’t identical, but it’s close enough that the player who was playing a pixie can walk right into the “real” version without much modification.

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