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Gah! Last Minute Geek Christmas Shopping, posted by CJ Ovalle

For everyone else, there’s Mastercard; for you, Star Wars geek, there’s THINKGEEK. April-fools-joke-turned-licensed-product, the TAUN TAUN SLEEPING BAG is still available! Thinkgeek also has all kinds of other neat stuff. Like a working Doctor Who sonic screwdriver. That’s right.

RPG Geek: If your geek doesn’t have it yet, Paizo’s Pathfinder Core Rulebook is just amazing. If your geek is a rabid 4E fan, try the Dark Sun Core Rulebook if he or she doesn’t have it yet. And check out the Pathfinder miniatures line while you’re at it. ^_^ If your RPG Geek is in the Austin area, I’m sure gift certificates to Dragon’s Lair or Rogue’s Gallery wouldn’t be amiss. ^_^

Games geek? The Dominion card game and its many expansions is a favorite right now…

Movie? Comic? Music? Try SCOTT PILGRIM. Get the movie. The comics. The soundtrack. GET IT ALL.

Movie Geek… no, any kind of Geek…. no, in Austin? Visiting? Passing through? Looked at it on a map? ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE GIFT CARD. It’s… just… awesome.

So, other people? TV shows? Video Games? Movies? WHAT DO WE GET? I will update this post as I think of things and/or take your ideas! =P

First forum contribution: Star Wars Cookie Cutters!

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