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Gawker Hacked, posted by CJ Ovalle

So if you use any of the Gawker sites- Kotaku, io9, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Lifehacker, etc.- you may have received an email address from expressing their shock and dismay that Gawker hadn’t publicized the fact that they were hacked, and 1.2ish million accounts potentially compromised. Since the email seems a bit shady- and I certainly wouldn’t follow the links- you may have done as I did and deleted the thing. Sadly, they were telling the truth. Gawker’s user database, and a whole lot of other material, was compromised. Here’s their FAQ.

I say “potentially” compromised because they were using some security (although if reports are to be believed, a lot less than they should have been- including not using a salt). If any of your information was there, it’s a great idea to change your passwords about now.

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