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Start Kicking…., posted by Derek

I thought it might be nice for us to have a place for Basement dwellers to mention stuff they’re kickstarting, or stuff they think others might be interested in Kickstarting. I figure the comments make a reasonable facsimile of a thread….

I’m not backing much that isn’t done, currently.

Recently finished projects include:

Auro: A Turn-Based, Cross Platform tactics game.  Looks fun, very old school.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule: A matching game for kids.  For my kids.

A Game For All Seasons: A set of smaller games from a publisher that made a game (BattleCon) that I enjoyed.

I’m currently backing:

CLANG: Neal Stephenson’s Sword Fighting game.  It’s got like 14 hours left. It looks fun, I like Stephenson….

Alien Frontiers for iPad: Cause, Alien Frontiers + iPad.

Mage Knight: Revenge: It’s an implementation of Mage Knight (The clickies, not the excellent board game) on iPad.  Cause, Mage Knight + iPad.

Anyone else?

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